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I have published three volumes of poetry. Paperback copies are available on Amazon, on my author page. The prices are set based on cost of printing plus Amazon’s fees – I am not out to make money from my poetry.

I had originally intended to also publish Kindle (electronic book) versions, but Amazon was making that difficult (specifically, their intransigence with respect to support for Korean characters), and so I decided that if what you really want is to read the poems cheaply or electronically, I’ll give them away for free. Here are PDF versions of the current volumes:

I would like to request that if you download my books, you let me know that you’ve done so – just out of curiosity. My email is jaredway ⓐ jaredway  ·  com

Alternately, all of the poems are still available on my blog, where they were originally published. I have added “categories” on the blog so that you can view the contents of each book in their original habitat. Bear in mind that when I edited the poems for publication, I sometimes made minor changes, corrections, etc., that I did not back-propagate to these blog versions, so there may be some minor differences. Also, of course, in the blog the poems appear in reverse-chronological order.

If you feel rich, or want to support my poetry, here are the paperback books that can be ordered on Amazon.

Caveat: Poem - Volume 1: Mostly in Korea - Book CoverCaveat: Poem - Volume 2: Mostly in Alaska - Book CoverCaveat: Poem - Volume 3: Mostly among Trees - Book Cover

Having said the above with respect to giving away the electronic versions of these books, I will nevertheless make a plea: if you are comfortable doing so, I would welcome contributions, as I am pretty far from wealthy at the moment. I have a “Patreon” account (Patreon is a service that allows artists and creators to receive donations). I originally set up the account as being affiliated with my website programming and geofiction work (for my online map-drawing website), so do not be misled by the description or by the name (which is the pseudonym “Luciano Jones” which I use for these activities).

My Patreon.